Odd problem with gLiveView after 1.31 upgrade

I just had an odd problem that took a while to troubleshoot.
I upgraded my first relay to 1.31.1, and everything worked fine.

I then upgraded my other relay and I couldn’t get gLiveView to work. It took me a VERY long time to realize the version was different (I pulled 12 hours apart), and the second pull broke gLiveView

After just copying over my binaries from my first relay to the second, everything came up.

This git rev worked: git rev 2cbe363874d0261bc62f52185cf23ed492cf4859
This one broke gLiveView: git rev 8a592516f954e3384c7175eae877fc9ccd936904

The official stable version is 1.31.0. I assume that is the case why gLiveView broke.

You should pull that particular tag.

the scripts are not working with 1.31.0 anymore… use old scripts (they should be saved as _bkpxxx) and press no for updates or upgrade the nodes to 1.32.1 version