Official Cardano Community Telegram channels: Cardano Ambassadors advertising their stakepool or giving stakepool advice!

I find it strange that a Cardano Ambassador is allowed to advertise within official Cardano Community Telegram channels.
This is unfair competition and nobody should advertise in those community channels.
I also have witnessed that an Ambassador gives the advice to stake with certain stakepools.
There are Ambassadors who do take it seriously and don’t give advice about stakepools and don’t place advertisements for their stakepool either. This is the behavior that I expect from a Cardano Ambassador. Furthermore I would suggest that Cardano Ambassadors receive the same penalty if they keep violating these rules or stripped of their title after repeated violations.
What Cardano Ambassadors do outside of the official Cardano Community Telegram channels is completely up to them, because every SPO can do the same.


Spot on! Official Cardano Channels are not meant for the advertisement of any pool. Ambassadors should understand this even moreso.

Edit: Sounds like Rdlrt is on top of it as usual. Also IMO, the OP shouldn’t be as perceived as malicious but moreso Someone conveying their opinion. As well as anyone having the ability to counter said opinion/observations in this forum.

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They’re not allowed , and his post was taken down. If a moderator is not around, tag it and it will be taken down. It’s funny though first time you see it on official group in months, it becomes a generic statement it is what happens usually.

It would have been treated same as others - as has already been



The posts you are referring to was mine.
Thank you for raising the issue.

Guess we all make mistakes.
Going forward this will stay off the official channels :v:t3:

Stay safe.