Online Cardano Meetup on the Topic: Cryptocurrency Wallets

On the 5th of March 2023 at 5pm, I hosted an online meetup event, recording a total of 16 participants joining for the meeting.

18 participants registered via the meetup link.

In the lesson I spoke about Cryptocurrency wallets, types and what to look out for when downloading crypto wallets.

It was an interesting session where participants were excited for being exposed to this eye-opening crypto knowledge to guide them navigate through the crypto space with the right knowledge and with ease.

I also created and uploaded a comprehensive lesson on the subject matter on YouTube as well.

Below is the link to the lesson on YouTube:

Meetup link for the event: Login to Meetup | Meetup

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Thank you for the update!

Did some attendees set up their first crypto wallet during or after this event? :smiley:

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I will actually be performing a live demonstration of the creation of some few wallets like the yoroi wallet in our next lesson :blush:
But in our physical meetup event last month we had up to 30 participants creating a wallet for the first time… :heart_eyes:

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Here is some additional info on how to safely store the seed phrase:


This is helpful. Thanks @FlippyFlink :blush:. I appreciate

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That’s awesome! Keep up the great work :raised_hands:

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