Online tool to check delegation status (retired pools/MPO etc)

Hey everyone,

I recently noticed the amount of stake delegated to retired pools is increasing. So I was wondering if a tool that analyse a delegations status from a receiving or rewards address could help people to find more details about their delegation and, if they delegate to retired pools to be informed and re-stake somewhere else.

Do you guys think is a good idea? Are thee volunteer to translate in multiple languages (spanish/chinese/japanese/thai/etc) ?

What other info do you think it’s gonna be handy in the staking report?

I was thiking:

  1. pool margin vs average margin
  2. pool cost vs average cost
  3. retired/retiring/active stakepool
  4. SPO vs MPO

What else?

I think there are already differen tools/apps providing such updates.

There is the pooltool app where you can setup notification for different parameter changes or multiple telegram bots which updates you about any changes from the pool you delegated.

Do you have site/app where to check which pools is reitring in the upociming epoch?

I just checked and neither cexplorer or pooltool has a list of retiring pools.

I have found this instead, delegation to retired pools.