Open source quant trading community for native tokens

Hello friends!

Open source is powerful, but it needs nurturing. :avocado:

By voting for

Cardano Use Cases: Concept
The Ultimate Cardano Assets Data Portal:
Clean Data, Backtesting & Price Models for Native Tokens
by Sapient

you support us building an API and database for the growing universe of Cardano Native Tokens. :rocket:

With supporting packages and documentation for the open source quant trading community, this will boost investment, understanding and discoverability for our decentralized, token-funded Cardano projects.:muscle:

There is a huge community building open source tools like zipline for backtesting and pyjanitor for data cleaning who like a good challenge. Bringing together our Sapient data science tools and their grassroots efforts can bring an easy win for the Cardano native token space (like NEWM, WMT, EMP, COPI or MILK).

We have made a short explainer video that you can watch here: :point_left:

There is more background on IdeaScale:

Thank you so much for your support!!! :pray::pray::pray:
The Team at Sapient