Open Tokenization Framework built on Cardano and Bitcoin. #OTFcardano

Hi Charles, thanks for Cardano. You have done good brother! Hope you will forgive my harsh words of the past. I was wrong. I’ll buy you sushi next time you are in Japan.

Looking for folks passionate about Cardano to help in the launching of #OTFcardano. Imagine a world where anyone can tokenize anything… I have been dreaming about it for over 10 yrs. Waiting for someone to build the open innovation framework to make it possible. Charles did it!

Here is a talk by me on the framework and how it will be launched. Here is the 1st draft of the proof of concept dev doc. open to all to join the effort connect on foundups .org.

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For those interested here is the prezi presentation Cardano Open Tokenization Framework by FOUNDUPS® Michael Trout, CEO on Prezi Next

Here is some perspective on the project. It dates back to 2011. Here is a 2012 talk on the idea. 2012 talk by UnDaoDu

Why was the content all flagged today? and removed? Why is there no explanation? Here is talk with IOHK. Joshua Miller

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thanks. really weird they all went down on like the 4th day at the same time. What do u think triggered the system? what is the system? Ai? an admin?

not possible to edit the main topic… want to take the “and” and replace it with “backed by”. Also want to add the walk true of "mashup of the app I posted on our patreon