Opinion - would Vitalik join cardano team?


What would you think IF Vitalik left Ethereum, would he join the Cardano team?!
I’ll tell one thing: ADA’s price would pump like crazy!

Vitalik Buterin Says “I WILL” Leave Ethereum If Immaturity Continues


Probably not, what if we say that he looks like an extra on walking dead? :smiley:


Then I would say that he just need a superficial makeup! :slight_smile:


No, Vitalik will not join Cardano. I have worked with young, brilliant, talented software developers/engineers. They could move mountains with their abilities and skill sets. And most often they were spoiled, immature, arrogant, over inflated assholes. I believe one of the reason Charles left the Ethereum project was to escape the immaturity of a 20 something wonderkid that believed more in himself than the group that was really the driver for the success of Ethereum. Ethereum will survive without Vitalik. And Cardano will surpass Ethereum in the areas scalability, interoperability, and sustainability regardless of whether or not Vitalik remains with Ethereum. Cardano is building a Tesla. Others are making horse drawn wagons.


Besides Charles and Vitalik have already worked together and we all know how well that worked out. So… let’s just say I’m all in on this never happening.


I feel this is an apt description on so many levels.


…and one! @andone


Cardano is building a Tesla.

I feel this is an apt description on so many levels.

Hey, if it goes to $350 per ADA and then eventually goes bankrupt because it can’t support itself, that’s cool with me. But I think the intent is to sustainably generate value…


350 is highly unlikely, except perhaps in a distant future / dominant coin scenario. If it reaches 2-3 in 2018 I will be happy.


I share a little of their dismay ( Vitalik and Taaki ). Crypto is turning into trendy meme crap and financial mania. People are losing sight of the technological revolution here. It is the tech and team behind Cardano that drew my attention to it.


Lets not forget Cardano is about a vision for the future. That vision is shared by the people who support the project, and this vision is much bigger then Charles and Vitalik. Just as Blockchain is more then Satoshi Nakamoto. If they work together, or compete against each other, their overall impact on crypto and the world will likely be similar. Archon mentioned Cardano is building a Tesla… I can’t help but think of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison… I just hope both of them will continue to contribute, and keep their egos grounded in the process.



What a team!


they were

ethereum + bitshares (larimer’s bro) + that chinese whale


Question is would he be bringing his bugs with him?


It is harder for bugs to survive a peer review process.


In his last interview with cryptocandor yesterday he explained that working the environment was a terrible experience, he was the go to man in between the investors and the developers. So he would take the flak from both sides. On a brighter note, he now feels that he has the best job in the world, and if successful cardano will change the world.

From the interview I learned that Charles does not like the grasp of central banks and companies lobbying politicians. You should really watch the interview. Also I learned that Charles loves giraffes :slight_smile:. I’m thinking it has something to do with sticking your nek out, as he said maybe they will put me in jail for trying to create an alternative to this broken reality we have now. He will still do his best to achieve utopia.



It’s not about ego. They are saying that they are dismayed by the superficial, get rich quick, speculation frenzy in crypto at this time. Most people trading it are clueless about blockchain technology. Just look at the thread :
Possible BTC bubble burst, and how this can affect ADA?
That sums up the average crypto trader quite well.


I agree, people are jumping on anything that sounds good or has one good feature. Any well designed establish blockchain can add a feature.


Twitter’s a great communication channel, but I’m not sure it’s really worth the Cardano team’s time and mental well being, dealing with fools and knaves.

I personally support Gab, and a lot of other people don’t use / avoid Twitter as well. Yet I hate to miss anything that’s over there regarding this project.