Paper wallets launched for Cardano: Announcing Daedalus 0.10.0 and Cardano 1.2.0 release


Yep, that’s the latest version. So try the state directory deletion thing I described above. If you have backup phrases for all your wallets, that is.


I’m going to put ALL my ADA into paper wallets and then do the “state directory deletion thing”. At least then I can affirm my ADA balance through Cardano Explorer (even though I’ll never be able to recover it :wink:!). I’m more comfortable with the 27 word recovery of a confirmed balance than with a 12 word recovery of an unconfirmed balance.

What’s troubling about your instruction is (in bold underline):

If you don’t have any ADA in the computer wallet, you can try deleting the Daedalus state directory:
~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus/ (Mac) or %appdata%\Daedalus\ (Windows, enter %appdata% in the file manager’s navigation bar). Deleting will take a while, can be hours. Close Daedalus before deleting, then reopen after. Be aware that this will delete all Daedalus data on the computer, it’ll be like you installed Daedalus on a new computer. When starting Daedalus, it’ll synchronize the blockchain again. Then you can try restoring wallets. 12 word regular wallets, or 27 word paper wallets. Try not putting the computer to sleep while Daedalus is running.



I wrote that in case you don’t have the recovery phrases for some wallets in Daedalus. If you have the recovery phrases, then it’s all good. The paper wallet is no more “confirmed” than the regular wallet, by the way. Until you didn’t do a restoration, you don’t know for sure if the phrase is written down correctly. You can also look up addresses of the regular wallet on the explorer.

I’d recommend backing up the entire Daedalus directory into a ZIP archive before deleting it. That way you can easily restore the current state later.