Periodic / Scheduled Payments (direct debit, standing order... ) Daedalus Wallet

Dear Daedalus Wallet developers,

Crazy thought, would it be possible to add scheduled / periodic payment functionality to the wallet. In the classical world I think these are called direct-debits or standing-orders depending on the country you live in. To be clear, payments should be “push”, i.e. the user schedules them from the wallet, and can cancel them from the same.

Obviously not possible with the way it works now, where the whole shebang runs locally. But perhaps when you switch to the “unified wallet spec” ?

wouldn’t it be “smarter” to put this into a smart contract, who (optionally) checks certain SLA numbers for the subscribed service before it gets paid?
From my understanding, DAPs in Ethereum don’t run permanently because this would cost a lot of gas over time. But I could imagine it would make sense to get some “scheduling service” from staking pools in return for your stake.
Just a few theoretical thoughts. I’m not sure this is gonna work.


I think adding robust simple smart contracts like this to a public library makes a lot of sense. There’s probably a few 100 simple ‘smart contract’ automations that could be developed in short order once CL is up and running. It will be interesting to see how the front end of the Contract Layer will be laid out initially. I’m sure the devs here have a good idea about that.

To @HazelMazel3’s point, most users are going to want simple functionality right out of the gate. So either something that is integrated into a 3rd party supplier lite wallet that lists active smart contracts and lets the user add and amend as needed, or a user smart contract platform that interfaces with Daedalus.

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