Pittsburgh Meetup?

Hey everyone! Wanted to see if there was any Cardano Fans near Pittsburgh, PA. I would love to organize a meetup. I have a great venue available in the same office space that I work. BTW I work at ICO Alert in Nova Place and I would be able to get Alloy 26 as a venue which is quite nice. It has a stage and seating so we could really put on quite the event!

Let me know if anyone is interested!

[edit: made a meetup group feel free to join! https://www.meetup.com/How-I-Learned-to-Stop-Worrying-and-Love-Cardano ]


I live in State College, but I’d definitely be interested in coming to Pittsburgh for a Cardano meetup! Love the profile picture btw (I guess it’d make sense that cryptocurrency forums are a good way to meet other libertarians).

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Awesome man, if you have any buds that would want to come let them know about it as well. The other day I met this really awesome guy who owns a bar in pittsburgh and is super into crypto and Cardano and he would be more than happy to host a meet up at his bar so there is that too! Just need some folks and we can try to set a date.

I live outside the city now (Waynesburg area), but used to live in Washington, Pa and work down in Station Square… I absolutely love ICO Alert!

I never thought we’d see ICO and Blockchain tech coming to PGH, I’m super amp’d now!

Hi @CAlexanderFree thank you so much for your interest in holding a meetup in your area! Cardano community team recently published guidelines on how to hold a meetup and meetup eBook to help the community organize their meetups. We recommend you to fill details of your meetup.com group as we guide in the eBook, to help others to find your group more easily :smile: Once you are done modifying it, please give a shout here so we can help you promote your group! Please find the details from here: Cardano Community Meetup Guidelines
Many thanks!!


Hi @YeJi.Kim I have a meetup account and group and it is organized by the Cardano Foundation already. We have had one successful meetup already and I talked to Jon Moss from the Foundation in December, but it seems that Jon’s email has been disabled. I remember he mentioned something about his contract ending in January so maybe that was what happened, but either way I would like to be added as a Co-Organizer or sub-admin (whatever it is called) so that I can continue to organise future events.

Let me know if this is a possibility or who I would talk to about getting this done. I guess I will send an Email to community@cardano.org as suggested in the eBook. But yeah. I am unable to update the info since I am no longer the ‘Organizer’ after transferring it over to the Foundation.

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Yeah honestly when I first saw that ICO Alert was in PGH, I thought it was a fluke, but no PGH is quickly turning into a very strong little hub of crypto and blockchain tech. I am very good friends with the President of the CMU blockchain club and many other crypto/blockchain interested individuals just around the Academica scene in Oakland so PGH is doing very well in that category. Pitt recently started its first blockchain development course for upper level CS Majors to take and let me tell you it is a packed class of 100+ fresh blossoming minds ready to use their skills in the industry. And that’s just Pitt! CMU has many more Blockchain focused courses.

I would love to have you come to a future event!

If you are interested in other crypto events in PGH drop me an email at connor@icoalert.com and I will be sure to keep you up to date on anything big going on.

Love to see my fellow Yinzers expressing interest in crypto! BTW if you are ever looking for a cool bar near Station Square that has some crypto allies you should check out The Summit Bar at 200 Shiloh St. the owner is a big AdA fan and crypto dude so if he’s there you would wanna chat with him. (also ask him for some Drink Tokens! He might give you some if you like ADA lol. )

Hi @CAlexanderFree !

Please e-mail me through community@cardano.org with the details such as link to your meetup.com, your account info. It would be better if you can forward the previous e-mails with Jon regarding this to me as well :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

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Hi @CAlexanderFree ! just to follow up, please e-mail me with your meetup.com url and your account info through community@cardano.org so I can help you out :slight_smile: Many thanks!

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Thanks for the follow up Yeji! Just sent the email!

Thank you very much!