POLL: Cardano’s max market value prediction in Shelley (before Goguen)!

  • Will still be under Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Will exceed Ethereum, but will not exceed Bitcoin.
  • Will exceed Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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Please share the reason below if you can! :heart:

I think there are a few hurdles that has to be jumped before exceeding number 1 spot.

One big deterrent I had when I first invested in Cardano was the errors with Daedalus ( prior to the knowledge that this wasn’t just another Jaxx or light client, now that I know about all the features and how I can open it up myself, I’m just going to be patient and trust the devs on this one). With the log feature being deployed soon I’m guessing this will rapidly help fix bugs in the future.

As you said yourself, ‘when shelley is deployed’ and staking pools are up and functioning.

More ICOs that is prospering, fully operational.

Just the top of my mind. I would love it if the ZenCash advisory/partnership would have some effect on either interoperability or privacy being added to ADA.


@Robhimself Me too, Daedalus Wallet problems and exchange problems over that period of time have a greater impact. Now they handle very well, I think it was an accident, I know other projects have had more huge BUG never try to repair, Cardano is very responsible and experienced. I think the Shelley and smart contracts, etc. after the road will be relatively flat. In any case, I believe Cardano will never have problem on the issue of money security. I did 40 successful deals on Daedalus. I think the revolutionary and probable sensation of Ouroboros may be underestimated - imagine the passion for bitcoin investment moving to Cardano. Even without the contract, the same security and unlimited trading capabilities as PoW will detonate the entire cryptocurrency bomb! However, In privacy technology, I see a lot of people have more optimistic to XMR than ZEC, I do not know technology, do not know if they are right.


Well you need to specify how long after Shelley’s release you are talking. However, I think it would be extremely unlikely that Cardano’s valuation will exceed either of these by the end of the year. There are lots of factors that shelley will will put forward that will increase the ada valuation. That being said ada needs to start being traded for USD before it is not dependant on more established coins relative to it’s valuation. It also needs to start staking and begin to have actual app’s built on it and ICO 's built on it. I think it will entirely possible that at the release of shelley you will see cardano’s valueation at something similar to what ethereum is now. However, at that point ETH and certainly bitcoin will have to be worth atleast double there current value for that to make sense to me. Remember that EOS will launch at the same time as shelley and you already have NEO out there which has chinese support and working gas payments and Apps/ICO’s. Over the course of this year there will be much more profitable investments than Cardano. The reason to hold cardano is A) belief in the value/neccesity of the project B) The belief, which would be well founded in comparison to other alts, that caradano is will be around for a long time and continue to grow in to actual use. In a sense cardano is much less speculative than other projects and this means probably a bit less risk but at least for the time being linear growth in terms of valuation. Make sense?


@theloniousspunk I always think Cardano is the most potential, and I am only suitable for long-term investment, I am a bad short-term investors. In Shelley means after Shelley and before Goguen and coins like XRP, used for international transfers and centrally controlled, are among the third, and IOTA which is extremely immature and rather unsafe, was also been very popular last year, and I think Cardano is may infinitely opportunistic even in speculation.

If they are the first to securely implement sidechains (Goguen), then they will have a little bit of a scalability issue, but it still won’t be nearly as bad as ETH. I say that IF Cardano is the first to fully implement sidechains with smart contracts, then they will be in the top two (not sure who else will be up there though). Long term (5 years) Cardano is easily top three. By then I would say that the top three make up around .75-1% global GDP though. Maybe I’m crazy and the world just likes things the way they are though.

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@Not_Anonymous I always feel things seem faster than expected, Shelley will be completed in the second quarter of this year, and in September the integration of smart contracts, I think the side chain will not be far, the speed and quality of this marathon project really super Imagine, I think their cooperation with Africa will be an actual Everest!

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The developing countries will have to work out their own issues. Cardano can give them the tools and show them where do dig, but the governments and developers will still need to be the ones that decide how deep they want to go in order to make the biggest impact on their processes, procedures, and problems.

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@Not_Anonymous Agree! As a result of rigorous reviews, Cardano offers them a highly trusted, efficient and low-latency financial infrastructure comparable to developed countries. I would like to bring contributions and achievements will surpass China’s Alipay and WeChat. The future is in fact unimaginable.

I hope you are right good sir or madam. But we just have to temper our expectations a bit I think. Yes of course there are multitudinous possibilities. However the market is closed. Until ada is a substantial fiat buy in trade coin it is dependant on the growth of established coins. (KWON aside) Thats just the way it is. Announcements of developments are great but we will have run ups and decents of value dependant on the market unitl ADA starts making the market. Right now there is only one coin that can do that it is not ADA.

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@theloniousspunk That’s right! That’s the reason I’m looking for Shelley because there is no reason not to go up after PoS, and it’s may the best PoS. Actually that surge during roadmap, I think it seems was because people thought PoS would be implemented.

From what I understand is that ZEC and the other Z-coins use zSnark cryptology, which is quite ‘new’. While Monero use RingT. Which is more tested by time.


@Robhimself I see, I learned more! Thank you! I very like anonymous currency, Their role is certainly not negligible!

Hope more people to poll, I have modified the headline to make it clearer! :slightly_smiling_face:

After Shelley and before Goguen release, the Market Cap of Cardano will be less than Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, it can give Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash a serious run for their money at this stage, because Debit Card will be enabled + Ledger(hard wallet) and it acts as a currency. I’m hoping few Merchants will start accepting Ada at this stage. I’m hoping more Transactions per second will happen as more users run nodes. We have to wait and see.

To compete with Ethereum, smart contracts need to be enabled. And there should be few ICOs (like traxia) running on top of Cardano. In addition, there should be some good partnerships(like SRN) evolving.

To overthrow Bitcoin is a tough ask. Because, Bitcoin has the first mover advantage. When scalability issues of Bitcoin and Ethereum are unmanageable (heavy fees, slow transactions etc.), then Cardano has a chance to become number 1.


@Krishna Agree! In fact the outcome is steady, Charles said smart contracts will arrive in September, no matter how sluggish and nostalgia the market, the fact is solid Ouroboros has won. Imagine people buying bitcoin just because it was the first cryptocurrency, its safest, and its best-known, and when it finally got out of jams with the help of SW for the time being, the price went up. All of this is likely to become an antique. Who will pick up crutches instead of use the bicycle? I think we should, it is also worth having a cat game!

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I spend 80% of my money in Cardano. :sunglasses:
I think:
1 - Bitcoin
2 - Cardano
3 - Eth


@giodoc Totally agree! My 100% investment is Cardano! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it is unlikely that we pass ethereum’s market cap before the Coguen release, we would in theory have a faster network but still less capabilities regarding smart contracts. Which results in an untested environment. After Coguen we could see a major surge, it won’t be long untill someone creates a “crypto kitties” to deploy on Cardano.

When it is clear that a massive DApp deployment does not congest or have a big impact on our networks infrastructure, we will reign havoc upon ethereum. Many developers will start deploying on Cardano instead of ethereum and the increase in use cases will likely make the market cap go bonanza.

This is al speculative of course as there is a small chance that ethereum is able to release Casper before we release Coguen (personally I’m very convinced they will not be first, as we have now passed them in development, and with more rigor than them)


Agreed. If there is a game-changer that could boost Cardano up in the ladder, in my opinion it will be the V1 of the IELE Virtual Machine, set to be released in the Goguen Era, as it will be an important step forward not just for Cardano but for the whole industry. But like you, I am completely speculating here.