Poll or Push/Inbound/Outbound connections- ports

I’m hoping to clear up the directional flow of messages to a node. Are the nodes, whether they be a relay or block producing, polling the other nodes, or have they subscribed and receiving messages via push. I ask this because it will help in understanding my port configuration.

Currently, my BP is talking to my relay and syncing appropriately, however, I have configured an inbound fw rule to allow connections from the relay to the BP; this is in addition to the specification in the topology file. Can I delete the fw rule?

If the block producer is the one establishing the connection using the topology file and is only polling the relay, I think it would make sense not to have an inbound rule.

Currently, it is still a pull only model. This will change however with the new p2p manager in Alonzo.
Here is a simple firewall configuration.

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Thank you. I disabled all inbound access except ssh (on a modified port) and the producer is syncing fine.

Also, thanks for the ip6 disabling tip in your article, helpful.

UR welcome. Credit goes to OLYMP - other goddesses like you hang out there already :wink:

Did u also deleted the rules for the relays? How the relays will connect to the Producer?

Hi Alex. No I didn’t delete those rules. I saw your post first : } Thanks!

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