Pool Management Frameworks

In the coming days I will be setting up my core nodes in separate machines and have them talk to my relay nodes and wanted to see if you guys have any efficient frameworks on:

  1. keys and key management (cold/hot)
  2. variables/folders
  3. server/network security

I know the p2p layer isn’t out yet but it is my understanding that your core nodes will have to have public IP addresses to talk to your relay nodes. Moreover, your relay nodes will contain the ip addresses of your core nodes, which means a security breach on a relay node reveals the critical info about your core node–> opens it to attacks.

What steps do you take to protect your core nodes from such breaches?

Overall, I would like to start with the right architecture/structure and approach to node management that would allow me the most flexibility and reduce the need to spend hours changing scripts, files, etc. when system parameters change or when I need to make changes to the node.

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One of the ITN turnouts was: sharing and working on tools and frameworks is much more easier and efficient, when the folder and file structure uses certain standards.

That’s why we tried to define and still refine it at https://cardano-community.github.io/guild-operators/Common.html

Also CNTools has a standardized folder and file structure for wallet creation, pool registration and delegation processes.


I am trying to get some help with CNtools. Not sure if there is a better place to ask this?

It seems to all be fine, I made a wallet, created the pool.
The wallet has 60,000 ADA in it.
Except when I try to register the pool, it won’t create the certificate.
I get this output:

– creating registration cert –

cardano-cli: Ratio has zero denominator – creating delegation cert –
– Sending transaction to chain –

– Register Pool and Pledge on Chain –

– Protocol Parameters –
TN Magic is 42
Pool Deposit is 500000000
Current slot is 854930, setting ttl to 855930

– Calculate fee, new amount and remaining balance –
Error reading shelley certificate at: “/opt/cardano/cnode/priv/pool/SHIVA_CARDANO_POOL/pool.cert” Error: not enough input

When I check the file pool.cert it is 0 bytes.
I’m not why there would be a permission error, when everything else is working.
I’m stuck.

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Haha, holy moly
I figured it out.
It was the part where you enter the Percentage.
I was doing 0.04 for 4%
When actually I needed to just enter 4

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