Pool minting blocks but not rewarding delegators

I’m running a pool in testnet preview envinroment, i’ve delegated some tADA to the pool with an external wallet but the pool is not sending any reward to the delegators.
Can someone tell me why?

Another question, if i go in Cexplorer under the section Blocks i can see the reward for the Operator, but why i do not see the fixed fee of 345 ADA? Where i can read the correct value of my rewards?

the tiker of my pool SMOTS

Hmm, Cardanoscan also says that the pool minted quite some blocks, but never got any rewards: https://preview.cardanoscan.io/pool/f1c053274a20de3b590336be675bd77edb5dc232eef07929fa03c743

But: For the pool I am delegated to on testnet, Cardanoscan also says that there never were any rewards: https://preview.cardanoscan.io/pool/fe77fa2afbaa7018def9a889979c0257bffbcbcd8c4a18a20f5fcf4c
But I definitely get rewards. I can see them in Eternl every epoch.

Have you checked the wallet app itself? Or just explorers? They seem to have some problems getting the data for preview correctly.

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Thank you for the answer, i’m checking the pool where you delegated your tADA on cexplorer and you are right, the pool INTRT is working really well.
I was checking his block production and i can see that from the firsts epochs of testnet preview he was producing more blocks than i’m producing right now, he was earning at least 340 tADA in every epoch and the pool was creating some profits also for the people that delegated to him.
Looking also other big pools (always in testnet preview) i can see that if a pool is not producing enough blocks to earn 340 tADA per epoch, the rewards for the delegators was 0.
I will try to increase my tADA stake and check if in future my pool will be able to produce also the reward for the delegators.
I’ll try also to search if there is some documentations about this, i’m interested, if you have some helpful links i’ll appreciate.

You know that you can get a test delegation of 1 million tADA from the faucet?

On https://docs.cardano.org/cardano-testnet/tools/faucet/, select “Preview” and “Receive pool delegation” and give your pool ID.

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Great thank you so much