Pool minting blocks fine, but gLiveView not updating blocks adopted or confirmed

This manual command works. So yes, after a block is processed you can manually run this and gLiveView updates immediately to show block approved and confirmed.

I think running cncli scripts manually, from a full cncli install from source, is better than the coincashew scripts using the cncli binary file (personally).
Thinking a bit more on this, I prefer the countdown timer readout to using ekg metrics. Given ekg metrics merely show the event the moment it happens.
The gold standard of confirming a block has been processed is viewing on pooltool or adapools anyway, regardless of whether the node shows “confirmed”. So I’m fairly happy with running cncli sync and leaderlogs and init manually rather than seeing something in realtime.

Hello @Grantman, did you figure this out yet? :slight_smile:

I am also having a broken gLiveView, would like to revert to EKG if possible, missing block countdown. I have been running leaderlogs manually 1.5 days before epoch to check for possible slots.

I cannot get “./cncli.sh sync” and “./cncli.sh init” to work, no return on the CLI for me.
I have cncli cmds available, but only when used as “cncli sync --host --port xxxx”.

I have updated/installed cncli with new clean env file from source multiple times.
All configs are correct set up with directories/files on the machine…

I’ve decided to stick with the countdown timer and leave EKG metrics for now.

I’m not too sure about why yours isn’t working. I can only explain how it works for me.

If you’ve installed cncli using the prereqs command, you’ll need to go to /opt/cardano/cnode/scripts/
Open cncli.sh and enter your pool ID and location of your vrf_skey (e.g. /home/your_username_here/cardano-my-node/vrf.skey)

Remove the “#” at the beginning of each of these entries and save.

Next go to the env file in the same directory and change your port to whatever it should be.

In terminal you can navigate to the cncli directory and run commands sync / leaderlog / init etc as below.

cd /opt/cardano/cnode/scripts/
./cncli.sh sync

To switch back to EKG metrics, I think possibly the env file in cardano-my-node folder has an EKG option? Or it might have been in the gLiveView.sh file? That’s where I would start trying to revert it.