Pool name not showing in Yoroi after update to 1.27

Hey guys, my pool is not showing in Yoroi anymore after i’ve updated to version 1.27. Any ideas?

What is the pool name?

Hi erikd, pool name is:

I see ADANZ in my Daedalus, ranked at 544.

Yes, i can see it in Daedalus. However not showing in Yoroi. Was there anything I need to do after the update?

I know very little about Yoroi. Sorry, cannot help further.

The relay is the issue, it looks down on adapools.org

Check if it is synced and also check if topology updater script is running properly


Also, did u registered the relay with the private IP?

Hi Alex, i followed your solution before. Any advise?


Ok, but the solution was for static connections between BP and Relay

The relay must be registered ( pool.cert) with the public IP

How do I check if they are in sync? Also from your screenshot, how can I change the private IP?

In gliveview i can see both block and relay peers in/out. Processed TX/Bytes are both moving.

Our pool was working perfectly before and we can see it on Yoroi. The issue only happened after we have updated to 1.27. Please help…

I have followed the guide on How to Update Stake Pool from coincashew:

U will need to create another certification but for relay use the public IP not the private one

Step 18.4 on coincashew . But do not change your pledge fee margin if you don’t want to. Just update your dns/ips

Hey man sorry took a while, I have done the changes last night. Big thanks for this! It is showing on Yoroi, Daedalus and adapools.org

However, it is not showing in pooltool.io, or does that take some time?

Any suggestions?

Is everything fine on pool.vet?

Hi Alex, thanks for the tip! Its working back now after fixing my metadata.

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