poolMetaData.json failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate

I checked my new staking pool via pool.vet.

All the other checks PASS but I do get one FAIL.

“FAIL: Error reading metadata: request to https://web address/poolMetaData.json failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the URL, the json file is hosted and presents via HTTPS when accessed via a browser. The SSL cert is signed and is proper. Also, pooltool sees the ticker, etc…so I have no reason to suspect there is a problem with the JSON. I even ran the json through https://jsonlint.com/ and it checks out as valid code.

Usually a “unable to verify the first certificate” message means the signed part of the certificate doesn’t exist, or something along those lines, the “intermediate certificate in the certificate chain” doesn’t exist. This doesn’t make sense because when I access the meta json via my browser my browser says the SSL cert is valid.

So I was thinking, when I first turned on the website it was running with a self-signed SSL cert for several days, then I finally got around to getting a signed SSL cert for it and stood that up yesterday.

Could it be possible that pool.vet simply just hasn’t revalidated/tested the new SSL cert yet?
Meaning, it is still showing results from a previous check against site when the self-signed SSL cert was in place?
Has anyone had something like that happen to them or know of delays with that?

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I was able to resolve the issue. Seems I was missing the intermediate cert on the SSL cert. So I fixed that and pool.vet is happy with the meta file server.

If you are questioning your SSL cert I recommend using the following tool.

It provided suggestions on how to correct my SSL cert issue.
I simply forgot a basic step in the process of preparing the cert file.