URL parse error from poolId

My new stakepool is visible here but not on Daedalus.

I found the error below, but poolMetaData.json and poolMetaDataHash.txt looks good for me.
Any idea whats wrong?

curl "https://smash.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io/api/v1/errors/dd9da0c2dc7c99d769fc07f3cf9646fec8b51b2b8f0721a39af46832"

"time":"10.08.2021. 10:43:36","retryCount":6,
"cause":"URL parse error from poolId 'dd9da0c2dc7c99d769fc07f3cf9646fec8b51b2b8f0721a39af46832' 
when fetching metadata from 'relaynode1.cryptyolo.com/poolMetaData.json' resulted in : relaynode1.cryptyolo.compoolMetaData.json",

Where did u uploaded the metadata?
The website/domain is not rechable

http://www.cryptyolo.com/ is reachable so check the SSL certificate for https

just saw this. ssl is not configured yet so i changed it to http://www.cryptyolo.com/poolMetaData.json

Should be fine, no errors on pool.vet (wait more time)


thats a different pool with same ticker
that’s mine: pool.vet - Cardano stake pool checker
but thanks, see this error

Error reading metadata: Only absolute URLs are supported

hmmm, same ticker is not ok… I checked by poolID and indeed there are few errors


Exactly, register again the pool and use the right/correct url where the metadata is stored

do i have to do the whole chapter 12 again? Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew

I don’t want to pay another 500 ADA

It is better to put the poolMetaData.json file in your website’s root folder. I also advise you to get an SSL certificate and install it before continuing with the creation of your pool.

If you paid 500 ADA the first time, you don’t have to pay it again. It won’t charge you.


You don’t have to, as @DevJohn said the pool registration cost (500 ADA) will be paid once (u will need to set the pool registration 0 this time)

U have bellow inside the guide another step (I think modify the pledgeit’s the name of the STEP…)