When should new stake pool Ticker show up in Daedalus wallet?

I used coincashew instructions to setup a new stake pool.
Things appear to be working fine.
Pooltool shows the ticker.
The stake pool pledge is fully funded, etc…
pool.vet says everything is fine but it complains about “poolMetaData.json failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate” (I have another topic open on this).
My SSL cert is signed and shows up as green/verified when I use a browser to connect to the server where I have the meta file hosted. So I have no reason to suspect an issue with the SSL cert.
I did have a self-signed cert hosting the meta file awhile back so I’m assuming maybe pool.vet hasn’t checked the site again since the SSL cert has changed.

This issue is it’s been a few days since the new signed SSL cert was put into place on the meta json server and the pool ticker does not show up in the Daedalus wallet. In fact, it’s never shown up in the Daedalus wallet. I’ve tried resyncing the wallet, doing the change server thing to force it to refresh the stake pool ticker list, etc…

Is there a delay before a new pool ticker shows up in the Daedalus wallet?

I guess I’m looking for information/guidance regarding what to expect.
Is there something I could possibly be doing wrong besides not being patient enough? lol

@Curtis_Paul can you share the metadata Url so we can take a look at the certificate

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In my case, it took a solid 3 days to see my pool show up in Daedalus after I completed the registration and ran the topology updater publish. You may want to check if you can see it in Yoroi browser wallet. When I saw it there, I felt confident that it would show in Daedalus eventually.


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Thanks for offering to look at it.
I ran the URL through a SSL validator and it verified that there is indeed an issue with the SSL cert.

So I suspect I’ll need to fix that.

This is what I used to verify my SSL cert.

It’s a cool little checker in that it also offered a link to my SSL providers KB with some suggested instructions on how to correct the problem with the cert.

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