Pooltool Metric- "Height in Red"

Hi, I am looking to delegate my ADA into a pool. I have found a few that are of interest. Looking at pooltool(.io), some of the pools have a “height” that is highlighted green, some red, and some with no numbers.

Would anyone have insight into what this metric implies?

Thank You- Peter


There is an option for stake pool operators to send their sync status about the blockchain their pool is handling. So if this info is provided then pooltool.io matches the value with the expected one. So if green, it means the the pool is in a good shape - so synced within a threshold. If red, it means that is a little bit behind the sync

Thank you for your reply Lalasz. It sounds like red is not critical. If a pool is in red does it still have the ability to function properly, or produce blocks?

It would be helpful pooltool.io to offer hover-over descriptions for the new people on the block.

Just checked the pools with red height… those are very behind the actual height - so it can indicate something…
first, that pool is not in sync for real - means wont produce block,
second, the script which is providing the value is faulty…
either case the owner really need to have a look on it

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Recently there was an Update (New version is 1.26.1).
After upgrading it was also necessary to upgrade the tools which are used to report height to pooltool.io.
So it could be the case that the according nodes just did not update the tools and therefore the height is not updated since the Version Upgrade.
So it could be OK but it also could be a problem.

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Indeed, a lot of pools went red on pooltool when this happened. Some may still be in the process of upgrading. It’s something to watch but because of this does not necessarily indicate poor maintenance. I would also check into the individual pool histories if pools you are considering are in this category.

Another thing to keep in mind about this badge is that sometimes pools take nodes offline for maintenance purposes. This can create a hiccup disruption in their reported block height which is transient. If a pool temporarily goes red and then green again it does not necessarily indicate a problem and is indeed a common occurrance.

Still others choose not to send this piece of data to the pooltool website for security reasons. So bear all these things in mind when considering the badge :slight_smile: