Portland, Oregon Meetup?

Looking to get involved with like minds. Anyone interested in a meeting for Portland, Oregon?


I’m in Vancouver and would be willing.

Great! I met a few people at the Bitcoin meetup last week that seemed interested in Cardano too. lets shoot for May or early June? By then we might have a lot more info to talk about related to Shelley.

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Cool, I’m down.:+1:

Its time for a meetup! With the staking rolling out it seems like it would be good to try to put something together. Topics that I see would be:

  1. Introduction to ADA/Cardano
  2. What we know about how to stake/delegate
  3. How to setup your own stakepool node. I could take people through the process of downloading/compiling.

Still interested @dirtyperfect ? Anyone else want to help?

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Anyone here have experience with smart contracts?