Possible misconfiguration <> block producer

just got my pool going a day or so ago, and finally am listed on daedalus, poolio, etc. poolvet looks pretty good.

my question is, within the coincashew directions, it states “Block producer in/out connections - should match your environment. At least 1 in and 1 out connection is required.”

i feel something is misconfigured with my block producer. from gLiveView it shows out 1, and in 0. processes TX is 7912, but doesn’t seem to move much at all.

should i be seeing something differently? is this ok?

config is relay. is block producer.

this is from relay. high end port on block procuder connected to port 6000 on relay.

i can telnet to block producer, via port 6000, from relay fine.

block producer mainnet-topology.json
“Producers”: [
“addr”: "",
“port”: 6000,
“valency”: 1


Check on relay if u added the Producer IP + port inside the topologyupdater script or inside the relay-topology_pull.sh script

This doesn’t seems like a misconfiguration at all

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well, i think alex was right. i had my external ip in my config (as stated by coincashew) but, i firewalled that off, only allowing internal 10. address. i switched to the 10. address, then saw in/out connections of 1 each. i figure that means relay is connected to block producer fine.

Thanks Alex…by the way.

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