Testnet - No Incoming Connections on Producer Node


I’m only seeing 2 Outgoing connections and 0 incoming for about a day on my Producer Node on the Testnet. What am I missing to do here?

Do u also have a reay?
U must have port 6000 opened to allow connections from ur relay and u must set the IP of the Producer inside Relay topology file or if u are using topologyUpdater, u must add the Producer IP inside


I added the Producer address to the Relay Topology file. Thank you!

but also on relay you will need to run the topology updater script to announce your relay to the network and this way other nodes will connect to you… how many IN peers do you have on relay?

and also I believe you will need to add the relay IP + port inside the Producer topology file if you didn’t added yet (the nodes should be connected to each other).
Press P inside glive to check if u have connectivity , u must see I and O