Possible "real world" application - do you think this can work?

Hello, I’ve been thinking about an idea for a while and would like to hear your opinion!

Economic platform/marketplace that supports eco-friendly sustainable activities with crypto-currency:

  • Coin is “minted” as reward when fiat transactions are made instead of mining. The platform works like a crypto-marketplace (much like many of the other tokens that rewards users for participation, for example, “Refereum” or “Steemit”) BUT also slightly different.

  • “preTokens” are issued when people engage on the network (for example, share, support, buy, sell etc). These preTokens have no value, but can be converted into Tokens when actual sales are made (in other words, when fiat is used in a transaction).

Vendors can register to be on the network (they are to be vetted to ensure that they only sell truly sustainable products - full life-cycle). When a sale is made on the network, an equivalent amount as a pre-defined percentage of the transaction results in the minting of coin. I’m calling it “DUK” for argument’s sake.

For example, $10 sale, 1% value of DUK is minted - results in 0.1 DUK being minted (if 1DUK = $1). The percentage value can be high in the first few years, then decrease exponentially (similar to rates of BTC mining) until a cap is reached. THUS: the vendor then gets $10 and 0.1 DUK minted.

Minted DUK is distributed to supporters of the vendor and the vender itself according to preDUK “holdings”. A vendor can issue as many preDUKS as it wants, but since the conversion ratio (minted DUK / forged preDUK) is known publicly on the chain - a vendor will need to issue preDUK responsibly. (Less people would support a vendor that issues a lot of preDUK without converting to DUK).

If this concept can work, I think Cardano technology could be ideal to build it on (given the characteristic of computational layer and settlement layer).

See it in action:
I made a very rudimentary “game” to try to illustrate the concept. I would be very grateful if anyone would want to have a look and give some feedback about the idea.

Thank you very much!

Download links:
Short pdf info - http://www.mediafire.com/file/te4wa4ekakmfv8l/EcoCrypto.pdf
win64 -http://www.mediafire.com/file/3s1jt2o8x8r2i6t/win64.zip
mac46 - http://www.mediafire.com/file/eucdo966a958lc6/mac64.zip
linux46 - http://www.mediafire.com/file/dfg646dbg4m52jw/linux64.zip

Crypto Hunt game failed to go through to full game launch. I think someone should see about picking up the pieces and continue foreword. Think this would be a great learning platform for Cardano to test interaction with the general public worldwide. Cardano! What do you guys think?


Hey, thanks for the interest!
“Crypto Hunt game” tho? Are you sure you posted on the right thread? :hugs:

I actually really like the thought of this, somehow I could see it working, I downloaded the pdf to take a look.
Are you going to do this? @tnmhealthatwork

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Hello @anon20038177 yes, I’d love to take the project forward! I’ve been talking to different people and trying to recruit some help/interest - no luck yet!

If anyone is interested to help or get involved in any way, yes please! At the very least it might be an interesting experiment, especially eventually on Cardano.

I try working on it whenever I get some time, but that’s not much at the moment.