Price difference between Binance and BitTrex

There seems to be a persistent difference between the ADA/BTC price on BitTrex vs. Binance. Any logical explanation?

Well each exchange is isolated from all others so swings of trading (especially fast ones) won’t be reflected on other exchanges. I presume that some folks are paying attention to other exchanges and moderating their buy/sell expectations based on those.

Of note: the price difference for Bitcoin & Litecoin is usually markedly higher on GDAX than most other exchanges. I presume that this is because a lot of new money is entering the market at Coinbase/GDAX and thus creating a persistent upward pressure in demand on those exchanges - inflating the prices.

I’ve started to track this is my google sheet. I guess some people will be doing arbitrage when both exchanges have functioning deposit / withdrawal situations, reducing the percentage difference.

When the exchanges don’t have working wallets, it’s likely that we might see the percentage spike.

Cardano Price Sheet - Google Sheets-3

withdrawals not working on binance probably has something to do with it. i know i currently have 5k ada held hostage on there.