Prices being manipulated - I haven't been able to buy ADA at $5 or $10

Prices are being manipulated. I think it is strange that the majority of times, you can open an ADA/USD and BTC/USD window and watch them tick up and down pretty much at the same time and direction. I thought I would do an experiment.

On one of the exchanges I use, I first tried to buy Ada at $5 with a Limit Order. It always bought the ADA at the lowest price. I guess that’s a good thing. I then tried using a limit stop order trying to buy some ADA at $5 and $10 a token. At thoses price points, nothing happens. However, if I change that amount to something just a tad higher than the current price, those always get filled. I’ve also tried it in the opposite direction, if I try to sell very low, nothing happens. However, if I change that amount to something slightly lower than the current price, it sells immediately.

From what I can determine, there is a price cap/limit being placed on the token. Probably a percentage margin based on the current price. This begs the question of whether that margin is being set by a person(s) or by an algorithm and why. If it is a free market, I should be able to buy and sell ADA at any price the market will bear. For a seller, making 2x and 4x on the price of the token would be a no-brainer.

This also begs the question of why ADA is also being tied to Bitcoin when there are ADA/USD pairs.

I am not a professional trader, just a computer science guy. I’ve noticed a pattern, did a little testing, getting strange results for something that is supposed to be free-market, and am trying to understand why.

Thanks in advance!

I appreciate your response. However, this isn’t a wallet issue. It is a practice being done by the major exchanges. If this is truely a free market, I should be able to buy at a higher price that posted and sell well below what is posted.

Thank you Ruth yoroiwallet have resolved my error am so happy both my missing fund came back , all thanks to you for the idea

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