Privacy protocol potential in Cardano


Here is a quick video of my thoughts of privacy protocols being utilized within the Cardano ecosystem.



Philippe I like your video here.

It does make me think of the difference between privacy and security in this space. Security of information, and the ability to make data verifiable to the right people at the right times gives privacy. This is the best approach, security. On the other hand, attempting to keep data private does not keep it secure by default. I feel the blockchain space is focused on security. It will be interesting to see the use-cases develop into the future, especially when the larger players begin using the technology and interact with everyday customers.

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Well said. There is interesting research being conducted in this space. The need for private and secure information is something that we should look forward to. I think this will bring the institutional smart contracts and involvement that we could be looking for.

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In respect to privacy, it is important to note that ultimate privacy is not a right in most places of the world, such as Australia where I live, and governments, courts etc can compel certain things under certain circumstances, and this will not change. I am interested to see how big business manages aspects of law in the blockchain space. They will need to maintain operations under lawful conditions.

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Great discussion topic. Have you seen Medicalchain, that I believe is addressing privacy and permitted access to personal medical data.

May provide some ideas and discussion points.

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Interesting. There will be a lot more of this into the future. Thanks for sharing

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