Managing "Personal Health" with Cardano


I am looking into effective ways to manage personal health. A barrier to health management and precision medicine is the data security aspect. Blockchain technology might just be the solution. Although I worked IT before (now studying Nutritional Science), managing hospital internal communication (hl7, HCM etc.), I’m not deep enough into the programming in the blockchain realm. So I have some questions, hoping someone here might be able to help me.
To maximise the effects on health a broad data collection is key: starting with a personal nutritional diary (like yazio or others) but also DNA, microbiome RNA, blood work and other lab resaults, hospital/physician reports, a diary about physical/emotional wellbeing (to find out about nutritional intolerances that might be felt days after consumption). Now to get to my questions:

  • I guess it’s not feasible to have a lot of encrypted data ON chain (only meta-data), because this would make the application/s very slow, or is this a misconception? Or could this be manageable via side chain/s?
  • How can I share my data, selective (e.g. only the nutritional diary or only blood work) either temporary or permanent? (Smart contracts?)
  • How can I make sure, shared data is only visible but cannot be copied? (data access only via verified application?)

This started as a personal project, but my university is renowned for nutritional sciences and has created programs for managing nutrition in the past which are widely used. I’m talking to my Nutrigenomics Professor already who seems interested. So if anyone can help answer these questions or might even be interested to work on this project, contact me. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


This might be of interest to you:

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Hey Rob, thanks for the link!

The About page sounds pretty much like what I have in mind. Coral health is another one. Only thing about both of them: they only/primarily look at the medical side meaning doctors visits, lab resaults etc. Not considering, that nutrition, physical activity and psychological health play a vital role in preventing illness. Preventing illness in the first place is even better then trying to cure sick people.
I thought about looking for a project to contribute to. But I am convinced of Cardanos philosophy and would I like to build on that as a base layer, if at all possible!

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