Problem opening installed wallet

Hello, I installed the wallet with success and could open it afterwards and also sent some ADA.
Now, 1 day later, since yesterday, I can not open the wallet, it always says: Connecting to network and this lasts for hours.
Thanks for a reply what the problem is and what to do.

hello . which operative system are you using ?

I’ve had the same issue under Windows 10 and was able to cleanly open it by using the .bat file in the Program Files Wallet’s folder.

Yes, Windows 10. Could you please let me know what exactly do I have to do? Step by step?

It look like an stupid idea but works fine for me(i don’t know why) . Try creating a new user account (standard, no admin) and try installing again. then wait … the first time it takes a lot off time. it s normal . with my admin account i waited more than days and nothing but with standard user i waited less than 5 hours. :man_shrugging:

this is too complicated. It can not be that the wallets are not working.

Ok look at this video :blush:

Can somebody from the Cardano team. please answer. Thanks!

Please check out the Daedalus wallet FAQ - I am stuck at the loading screen, it says “Connecting to network”. What should I do?