Problem with restoring Yoroi 15 word seed


I have created a Yoroi Shelley wallet on Android and save the 15 word seed on paper. Then delegates my ADA without any problems so far. Now i have another smartphone and want to import my existing wallet but when i feed the 15 word seed (without error in any word) the Yoroi mobile app keep creating a totally different wallet. Is there any issues with Yoroi?

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As soon as you enter the seed words, Yoroi will show the hash of the seed words (“four letters - four digits”). Check it is the same as the hash shown by Yoroi on the cell phone, where you have already correctly opened the wallet. If they are not the same, then the seed words have not been entered correctly.

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The hash is different that’s the issue. The 15 words have no problem trust me. They are the original words well written and without mistakes. The Yoroi Android wallet seems to use another logic and the result is a strange wallet different from original.


A hash function is a well-known and extensively tested algorithm (so it is very unlikely to contain errors) that is mathematically “deterministic”. Meaning that for a given input value (the seed words in our case) it must always generate the same hash value (the hash code)

I don’t doubt you, but it wouldn’t hurt to check the backup you have made of the seed words. You could also create a new test wallet and try to open it on both phones.

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Sorry! My mistake was that seed phrase is for another old Yoroi wallet. All is correct.

Thanks friend.

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