Problems accessing Emurgo website

Not sure if its just my PC but when I click on the Emurgo link ( under the team section ( chrome returns a security warning suggesting the site is not safe. when i click advanced and proceed to site it redirects me to some random website (

For some reason it is only problematic for me with the emurgo link on the team page. The emurgo link on the Homepage ( seems to work fine. I noticed the link on home is whilst the link on the team page is suggesting there may be some problem with the https. But it could just be on my side. Just thought I’d let you guys know as the chrome security warning might scare some people.

Also noticed the Emurgo website has some rendering issues on chrome. I’ve attached screenshot for your reference.

Working fine here

Got the same. Not looking good. The redirect link is definitely not from them
@io_jeremy any idea?

Worked for me. Maybe internet is down where ever you are :slight_smile:

Now I have trouble as well. I think their certs expired or something. I will contact them.


Working ok for me here in UK…

If you use https, you find the cert is wrong. They are looking into it. You can go to the site using http.


Thanks mate