Problems Yoroi and Ledger

Share the transaction ID


was sent to this address

the first was transaction hash

On u can see that the address received the funds…

The question now is if that address is from ledger or from a simple yoroi wallet… do u see that address if u are going to receive section?

when I make the transaction I been using both ledger and confirm on my ledger that will receive, I never create a Yoroi wallet, I used two ledger nano

Ok, connect the ledger-2 and go to receive section… do u see the address there?


BTW u didn’t delegated to any pool :slight_smile:

Wait… when u performed this transaction?
U moved all the funds from ledger 1 to exchange?

May be make I mistake,butI remember that I been trying to do some delegation but not completed , I check my delegate tab I do not see any
Let check the address on the ledger

I see ur funds from ledger 1 where sent to an exchange… u moved the funds?

Yes I just moved the funfds from the ledger 1
but the other funds moved last year still unavailable , on ledger 2

If a make a mistake and send this funds to some pull is posible track and return to my ledger

I connect the ledger 2 and the address is different

Ok, but now, it passed 1 year so, did u ever restored the ledger? Perhaps u restored with a different seed words

never restored

Then perhaps it was a simple wallet? Check if u have a 15 seed words bkped somewhere…

never created a wallet on yoroi , I just connect my two ledger
I start the transfer to the other ledger and I control the transfer
Exist the possibility this receiver address is a pool? I check on the two ledger I do not see any delegate ada to any pool
Exist some why to track the receiving address or revert this transaction to the origin ledger because the funds are there.

Nope, but if the wallets is hiden on ledger? Perhaps u activated PIN or passphrase?

I’ve been having the same issue as you Bitpkw, I’ll test the option tomorrow and see if it fixes it.

I figured out my issue, and is often the case it ain’t the hardware it’s the eejit using it haha.

At the final step I needed to select nano x again on the top left of the github pop up screen, it’s not very obvious or highlighted to do this. Also at the previous step you have to select NanoX. I was just waiting for it to connect but nothing would happen.

Ah well at least I know for next time :smile:

thank you , for your help, I will try different options , may be is on other wallet created on my ledger time ago. Thank you. If I found the solution I will let yo