Project Catalyst - Fund 5

Has the registration for this begun yet? It says on the Daedalus Wallet that in will begin on July 5th but when I open my Catalyst App on my phone it still references only Fund 4.

Also, I just got a new phone. Is there anything that I need to do in order to connect my Wallet to see my Voting Power?

They may need to update their dates, then. Fund5 starts 08JUL21 16:00 UTC.

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Hi - I just managed to register for voting! I’m using Yoroi with a hardware wallet. On the Yoroi chrome extension, I went to the “Voting” tab and went followed instructions from there. I already had my hardware wallet plugged in and the Catalyst app on my phone so it was easy. Thank you to those that made this happen!

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It is began today. Let do it.

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