Is Fund 7 starting a bit late?

I’m using the Daedalus wallet, and it mentions fund 7 starts on 11/11/21 at 5:00 AM. However I don’t see anything about registration in the wallet. Have Catalyst installed on my phone, and can’t get the QR code in Daedalus to register. I’m on a Ledger. Has registration gone live on the chain yet?

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Dont worry, Voting for fund 7 will start in start in Jan 13th next year. There will be some notifications pinned on the tele groups, on Town Hall sessions, and in your email, then you will register your wallet to get PIN and QR code.

You can use both Daedalus wallet and your Ledger to connect your wallet and Catalyst voting app.

For more infomation, have read this article


Daedalus still (on 2021-11-16) says: “Fund7 registration will start on 2021/11/11, 12:00:00.”

Fortunately, Yoroi has updated information: “Round 7 registration starts at 2021-11-18T11:00:00Z”
(Bonus points for giving the datetime in ISO 8601 including timezone. Too bad, that the rest of Yoroi uses this stupid US date format.)