QR Code for Voting Registration Question


I have been attempting to get involved in the Catalyst Voting system/program since Fund 4.

The Catalyst App tells me to “complete registration,” but I do not see the QR Code in my Daedalus, only the QR Code for the App Store.


I am not seeing, this screen:

Am I missing something?

Thank you.


Your QR code is not on your Catalyst Voting app. It is displayed on tab Voting Yoroi or Daedalus wallet during time:

Now you just wait for fund6.

Thank you.

I am aware that the QR code is on Daedalus, however, it does not show up (as shown above in original post).

So, the QR code will only show up on my Daedalus during the registration period?

Is there a limited time to register to vote? Keep checking Daedalus for QR code to show up?

Thank you again.

Yes, excactly. You should save your QR code and PIN to use it when cast your vote.

Every fund, we have time to register vote about 11 days.

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Okay @DucTiger :grinning:

I have yet to see my QR code in Daedalus - perhaps I keep missing the registration windows?

I did send a Support Request to IOHK, as well.

I will check my Daedalus more often (weekly) to see if the QR code shows up. Thank you.

You dont need to check it up all time. The QR code will be displayed during registration time for every fund.

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Im in the same boat, went to Daedalus went through the thing for voting PIN number and downloading qr code. Went to the phone app and opened, its stating " SORRY! We must prepare the next voting app version! please save or backup your qr and pin code until then or you cannot vote in fund 6 without them both, without re-registering. Fund 6 voting begins in October. So I’m assuming the app wont work for voting till October

Find it strange that I was able to vote 3 4 and 5 but for some reason 6 is a struggle, sent my voting fee twice from Daedalus wallet, went to smartphone and stating the above, so really no idea if this sorts itself out eventually.