Catalyst Voting Question

I already set up my voting in Daedalus, but I hate Daedalus it doesn’t work with my Ledger. I set it up again in ADAlite, but I can’t scan my QR code in the Catalyst voting app because it is stuck on Voting has not started yet screen. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Catalyst voting app but it just says the same thing. Can I not use ADAlite now that Daedalus is already set up? I even paid a fee again.

Thanks for the help!

I think u registered the ledger wallet for voting… so using daedalus, yoroi, adalite should not matter if u already registered the ledger wallet for vote

Adalite was asking me to scan the code with my phone app…but the phone app wouldn’t let me scan…unless there is a way to get back to the scan area on the app…perhaps I just have to use Daedalus…

U can’t scan because probably u already registered trough daedalus… wait till the voting will be available, then u can switch to daedalus but I think is fine… u will use catalyst app to vote not daedalus

If u see this page in catalyst app then is fine


Okay…well i have paid the fee for Daedelus and Adalite, so hopefully I can just use whichever one I want. I was just worried about not being able to scan the QR code on Adalite…

I will just wait until 7/22.