Voting registration isn't working for me

Every time I get to the the stage to register to vote, using the QR code from daedalus and putting in my pin into the phone app, it says it doesn’t match…I have done this more than once…

did you finish the registration, and it doesn’t accept your pin on the mobile app?

Yeah, I did the process more then once in fact. I got to the point where you get your QR code for download, that you scan into your catalyst app. I do it, and when i try putting in my pin number on the catalyst app, it says it doesn’t match the QR code. I did this process more than once.

Try un-installing your Catalyst Voting app, then install a fresh copy of the latest version.

Also, are you using Daedalus version 3.3.0?

Yeah daedalus is up to date, you can only do the voting on the most recent version as it is.

I am getting this same error message when trying to register through Yoroi, I have uninstalled and reinstalled catalyst app,
Has anyone resolved this issue.

Uninstalling the app I had on my phone, redownloading the latest one, did the trick.