Project Catalyst Working Group in Nairobi

On April 25-26, 2024, Nairobi became a key location for launching Cardano’s Fund 12 with an in-person Project Catalyst Working Group. The two-day event was a blast, starting with blockchain basics for newbies and diving into deep discussions on funded project incubation and acceleration. Teams of eager participants brainstormed and voted on creative ideas.

The session featured notable attendees like:
Cardano Ambassador & Educator from Cardano Africa Academy: @Jeremiah
Cardano Ambassador & Education @lidonation: Darlington Kofa (That’s me!)
The Catalyst Team’s Community Manager: @TK Prince
Cardano Ambassador & Entrepreneur from uptodatedevs & @Dan_Baruka
COO & Software Engineer at Josephine Ndeze

The final output from the Nairobi and global working group sessions will be posted to when all sessions are completed.

Day two wrapped up with a fun Cardano Africa Academy workshop led by myself, where everyone learned about blockchain, created wallets, transferred their Seed phrase to another wallet, participated in the Lido Nation Every Epoch quiz, and withdrew the associated rewards to their newly created wallet. We even discovered that a ledger originally meant a flat stone slab!
The event ended on a high note with delicious Kenyan BBQ and dreams of more regular meetups. Cheers to new friendships and exciting blockchain futures in Nairobi!

To learn more about the global events and the new Catalyst Working Group (CWG) effort, see our recent article

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Fantastic news. Thumbs up to the CWG, Nairobi

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Keep at it. Success will follow.

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