Promotion Cardano

Hello! Do you think is it a good idea to promote the Cardano among muslim people with the criss-cross tatoo on the hand?

Why would that matter? Equality and truth know nothing of religion.


tolerance is also a thing…

I am not a fan of Rick.

But this is a truly bizarre question.

That tattoo is his personal matter and not a product placement.

Muslim peope don’t listen to Justin Timberlake?? :)))

Give me a break!



Nothing wrong with Rick for that particular reason. Thing is we have kinda moved forward as societies with most having religious tolerance. He is just a good voice as a buddist muslim christian flying spagetti monster or whatever floats your boat religious wise. That for me is one of the great things with global systems like cardano treasury system will be. I am sure we can find common ground on basic issues and then we can have a layered approach for the rest.

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Actually from what I’ve heard most muslims respect religious people more than the non-religious ones as they view them as a part of the “rotten west” with serious moral crisis. They regard Jesus as a prophet as well, so I’m not sure if a cross is an offensive symbol to them.

I might be wrong though.

I’ll take “Questions that you ask when you have nothing else to do today” for 300.

The only “Criss Cross” tattoo that would worth any attention would feature at least one of these:



Religious freedom is non negotiable. It’s a basic human right. There is always a solution for any thing. It just needs to be considered long enough for an optimal solution for all. We have really smart minds in this group. That’s why I am here. We can’t think reactionarily (and I not implying that anyone is) in the solutions that we come up with.

Having said that, I don’t think focusing on a specific religious demographic for marketing purposes should be focused on.

It shouldn’t be a focus or a prohibition.

There’s an on - going problem with the financial system that has grown up over time. It’s unsustainable and disproportionately unfair. The result can be oppressive to most (and I think is to varying degrees for many).

Anyone who sees this and whats to do something about it, or contribute in some measure, is part of the group.

That’s the deviding line. That’s where this should be promoted to. It’s every where.

Specifically, to sectors of need that this will help. This is the option people awake don’t have, and need. Many are either unconscious to a degree, or believe in a false idea that is the financial system as it is, even as it explodes in slow motion around them. There is no sense to be made of this view.

Marketing to those need sectors that will have necessity for adoption. Go there. There’s plenty of places and people.

That’s what I would humbly suggest.