Is there room for GOD on the Cardano Blockchain?

Hi the fellow Cardanians,

The world has gone crazy and getting crazier by the day, I have a project that I want to start however, as Charles is not a fan of GOD, I pose the question in the title.

I have been tested so don’t fear, certified mental illness goes with the territory, but lucid and abundant on ideas how to the Change in the World, sticky.

What say you?

Thanks for the controlled responses, I will get it done without any input cheers!

Thy GOD thy talking tao thy yeh!


Proceed thy GOD mean! Amen! (bird is the word)

Whatis your project? and what it have to do with the relation of God?
I am a believer. If you’re talking about God, I think it is very personal. Because, The God that I believe might be not the same as yours.
But, enlight me. I really want to know.

Thank you for raising your hand.

My mission is to prove GOD exists, the atheist are running rampant throughout the lands except in Islamic Systems, while USA is trying to veils the stick of war on these countries, I would like to impress upon the coming generations how important it is to keep the message of Jesus alive and progressive.

I have been planning this mission since 911,
put simply I wish to put together a team which will gamefy the revelations I have received the main one being to be one with GOD, CHRIST the spirit in my body.

Jesus never said it but I am taking that call, to say I AM GOD. Now you say it and see how your senses respond, i day that because the best story will win, voted by all of humanity.

Therefore I need a decentralized and sustainable Blockchain to expand on my direction, and I choose Cardano.

Most of us are aware of the prophecy, I aim to deliver the impossible, join me.

The consequences of being me is that everybody is saying, you are not the one, you won’t be able to do it. I beg to differ.

I think I have given you enough to decipher so all I can say is ask me anything and I will answer.


Answer me Almighty!

What’s the address of the nearest mental of your residence?!

Cardano address ofc!

I’ll make a donation!


Thank you for reaching out and your encouragement.

You must have sensed something I am pleased to inform you that currently I am negotiating my release from He Puna Waiora Mental Health unit Auckland, New Zealand, I hear most geniuses have some sort of mental disorder according to current societal standards, it’s a challenge to your senses and sensibilities, nonetheless my plan is solid and I am undetered.

As far as accepting donations for my mission, I have not seen a very good Android or. iOS version of the Daedalus wallet so can not provide an address, if you care enough you could visit my YouTube Channel at Hosk’s Clips there is a Donation address for my work in the Description. You are also welcome to stake your $ADA with my Hosk’s Clips Stake Pool.

And I wish you every success.

Onwards and upwards!

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Nothing to thank about! Doing my will!

So, 2 things for you to research since your, 1. in that situation, 2. you think of yourself as some sort of messiah (my words).

1 -

I’m almost done with it, it’s amazing.

And talking about genius,

2 - Alan Watts – The Nature of Consciousness II, Part 7: The Road to Here | Genius

The Holy Man Syndrome is a serious topic; Krishnamurti also have some interesting thoughts about it.

If you want I can tell you where to find 50+ hours of Alan Watts talks (for free / no piracy).


P.S. I wanted to donate to the “funny people” house btw.

EDIT: Along with that, and if you have troubles having conversations about the latter topic with hardcore-science fanatics, I advise you this doc.,

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He is already part of the blockchain :slight_smile: Message: Will we ever have one government for the whole worl

That is just quoting one source, not what this is about, that is a distraction, they have wishful thinking for a magical return when in fact it will be done symbolically.

The attitude you need to have is Just Do it, stop waiting and make it happen!

Thanks anyway, everybody wants to rule the world!

Charles does not pick the projects first of all. And if it’s a sound project that wants to do good why should it matter?
My friends don’t believe in God, but me believing doesn’t hurt them. In fact I think I’m a better friend because of it. And yet they are great friends to me. I would hope this community lives by the “you treat me kind I’ll treat you kind” mentality.

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(Just to push conversation along)
[edited: initially I’d wanted to send OP my response via DM but didn’t want him to take my unsolicited DM as attempts for foul play or anything. so I’m removing the meat of the reply as OP has seen it and replied below]

Very admirable quest but by the nature of God itself, the quest you seek only will prove to YOU that God exists. For someone else to know God exists they themselves must seek God out.

Thank you for contributing, I agree with your points that proving God exists will be a fruitful endeavour I have been formulating my approach for over 20 years now and you have a good point in your summation that “Each Man or Woman on this planet has to discover God for him/herself” I would go one step further and to say each man or woman on this planet has to discover the God within him/herself!

It would be imperative not to confuse the existence of God with any introduction of Religious Dogma into Crypto they in my opinion are and would be separate topics, I too detest Religion and what that group of spell inducing Zombified literalists spew out.

I would also banish the use of the Bible Quran and especially the Torah from the discussion of “Proof” we NEED a revision of the Story, I go into detail how a different interpretation of the Bible is possible in my Book “The Bible of the Spirit”. available here

Yes admirable and very important to the identity of Humanity in our Space Exploring future endeavours, we need to sort this question out first before we attempt to populate/discover other Planets. So we need to adopt a new story that focuses on seeking God out within! So the task evolves thank you.

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I wish you Good luck Brother

Is a decentralized God possible?