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The Point:

As a man of faith, I have grown to understand god moves in mysterious ways, after we are born, he gives us the choice of two paths, See the world for how it is, or see it for how you want it to be. My understanding of the technical side of blockchain technology is Shaky at best, nevertheless my understanding of computers is my upmost limitation. With that being said, I have created a “DAPP” that will work on the Cardano “ADA” network. I understand this is not typical for you to receive these types of inquiries, I am not looking for monetary gain here. Therefore this “gift” as I may feel it is, might not be worth the time I am wasting you by reading this letter. I hope to bring traffic to “Cardano” because I believe in it. My goal is to have my creation become a reality. My intention of this letter serves the purpose of bringing in new members into this space, while uniting the two largest groups of people, in a new way, that is outside central control. The following is my tokenized creation of uniting; collectors, gamblers, and fantasy sports players; with no manipulation, no regulations, and no limitations of the law, all with the angle of having a “Live” aspect without the overhead. Your first reaction may be in a few ways. Firstly, that this has been done to a certain extent, and secondly, that this is not what you envisioned for your platform. The juxtaposition is, that all competition “Prediction Strike, and Stock x” applications have not been done in a way that the people want it, this new iteration I have created has been peer reviewed. Furthermore, If the goal is to compete or overcome Market share with Ethereum, then creating unique “DAPPs” to run alongside the ubiquitous ones should be the objective. The following is my idea and the basis of how it works. This may not be your department, if that is the case, please send this to someone who may be interested in its development.

The Project:

Each player in the same sport is associated but each player in the same position is in direct competition with one another. Ill use one sport as an example. The “NFL” Lets take one position for example “QB” One token is put up for auction (this would be moving forward at the rookie stage) that token then will be tied directly to its market cap so if 1 token is at $50 then it can be traded around however it is always $50. If there are buyers but no sellers then another token will be created and sold at the same price to keep the original holder at its current evaluation. If a person wants to sell but there are no buyers, then it will destroy itself pulling its own worth out of the system without disturbing any other tokens. (This will be the case in the beginning and will be needed because starting there will be allot of players and will need extreme scaling solutions. However, once the new players of rookies are introduced and the basis of current players start to level out then it will switch to a split mentality. Anytime a token does increase over $100 then the token will automatically self-divide giving the owner the same evaluation but with another coin. ($100 token goes to 2 $50 tokens.) This will provide an ecosystem that public demand will provide token supply and only player performance tied to the token will provide its price. Ok so how does the market cap increase. During a season when the players play, they will be on a standard fantasy scale for points. (this information is ubiquitous and everywhere, easily determined and most people in this space will be able to know how many points every player has just by watching 1 game.). This will put them in an order in which we can all agree had the best game and the top players take a percentage of everyone under them. This number does not have to be a big one. Example. Top “QB” gets .6% of other quarterbacks under 4th or worse. From there entire market cap. 2nd place gets .3% and 3rd gets .1% taking a total of 1% of all the “QBs” market cap who did not perform well. This 1%

drop does not destroy a player but 1% of each player greatly increases the market cap of the player who played well. During per review the biggest complaint about fantasy today and gambling today is this. 1.) players who people want are so unproductive that if you take a shot on them, it most likely will not give you a gain. Because rookies need time. However, by the time they start becoming productive fantasy seasons are reset and you now must pay a higher cost. People want to buy up a player out of college and sit on them believing that one day they will be productive. 2.) gamblers do not like competing against each other in giant pools of 300k players while the house takes a percentage. In this way you are competing against yourself. And since market caps are tied to tokens, they price will not fluctuate because of demand only more coins get created. And the play of the player will dictate its own evaluation. So, if you are trying to buy a token and nobody is selling then another token at its current evaluation will be created. Money in equals market cap evaluation and nobody else is affected. If you want to sell a token and there are no buyers, then you coin will be dissolved or burned, and you will pull its current evaluation from the market cap. Nobody else would be affected. So highest reward players would be ones nobody believes in and there are a few tokens in existence and that player has a great game. Example would be chase Claypool, from last year in the “NFL” at WR. 3 years of data tracking would provide that All you would need to do is have 1 good game a year to be around “even” depending on how many tokens in existence. People want to buy and hold their favorite players and people want to buy and sell weekly people want to buy and sell in real time while the games are playing out. People want a decentralized situation. This is this first that can answer these cries. This would be done for each sport on the Cordano network. These tokens should not be fractionized. And the fees would need to be paid for the Cordano network. These tokens can be named appropriately per player. However, this would need constant upkeep with rookies and retirement looming each year for each sport. Once built this copy and paste method would suffice only thing is naming each token and this could be achieved such as: QB-TBRADY-24 Leaving teams out is best since players get traded but 86% of the time the traded players keep their number, however the number should be needed because there are several players with similar names so position and number would be recommended. The last question would be “What are these tokens called” and Honestly this does not matter. However, I would say they are “Sports Players Tokens” or “SPT”, but I honestly put little effort into that since is not important at this stage of development. Because without someone who can build this it has no name and never will.

The conclusion:

There are many questions that should have triggered when reading this. I am not a writer. I will gladly help in any way possible. There is no doubt that sports and gambling are not going anywhere. There is no doubt that crypto is the future and getting new people into the environment is the only reason it’s not further in its development. My current understanding is that if there is a clean UI inside a website that makes it as though standard, with the information telling them its crypto. Might be a situation in which you can grab a person in an environment they understand and could guide them in slowly one step at a time and when they learn and understand how crypto works. Cordano will be the platform they understand.


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