Proof of Stake vs. Hoarding


So i believe in the whole ecosystem, 3rd gen, good stuff, buy pizza and a house in Wyoming with ADA.

On a side note I looked at the gaussian like curve of my stake pool. There was some big weights with over a million staked ADA ! There was 50-100K. 10-50K and sub 1000K. I realized that in this stake pool there was the rich and the poor all stuck in an elevator together.

So I enjoy seeing my stake rewards come in, where ever i fit into the curve, but why would I part with my stake load? The price of this stuff will have to be so high that selling single coins would be a consideration.

Yet I don’t consider it some ponzi scheme. Early investors get rewarded. And some day soon people may be happy with obtaining half coins of ADA.

But at that point, obtaining enough ADA to stake would be a big investment. Although the price would be higher so less is more.

My question is, Proof of stake seems to strongly encourage savings !!! question mark.

Hi @Primrose ,

I am not sure if I understand you correctly. But you know that there is no minimum amount of ada needed to be able to stake?

Otherwise maybe explain a bit more what you mean.

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