Proposal to hire a consultant in Ethiopia

Proposal to hire a consultant in Ethiopia.

On the July 2nd virtual summit IOHK African report mentioned that in Ethiopia, the project is progressing well to introduce digital identity solutions in the country. From the Prism, catalyst, and atlas reports that we know to be one of the best in the market.

But unfortunately, almost two weeks before that, on the 19th of June, the ministry of peace in Ethiopia announced that it signed a deal with an Indian company to run a national digital identity platform pilot.

IHOK has invested heavily in Ethiopia and Africa for the last three years. I will leave how the Cardano solution measures to the offer made by the Indian company to the experts. But what is clear is that IOHK did not do a very good job of selling the product in Ethiopia. This is not a criticism of IOHK, but it is a fact that it is beyond IOHKs expertise.

The Ethiopian digital identity is a significant and achievable project for the Cardano ecosystem. It will onboard more than 100million people and become a springboard to the rest of Africa.

To do that the project needs to invest and hire a consultant, that is

  1. Highly qualified to understand the mechanics of the project.
  2. Have experience as a consultant in Ethiopia, and track record of delivering.
  3. Who shares(can share) the ideals of Cardano.

To be clear, I am Ethiopian but live and work in Europe, and no, I am not that person. But I have intimate knowledge about Ethiopia and can help CF or IOHK identify such person or persons.

I could write a lot about the merits of the idea from a moral and practical point of view, but I would instead this develop through questions from the community.


Sounds like an interesting idea. However, this sounds like a treasury proposal and not a CIP. CIPs are a way to standardize technical concepts and don’t implicitly include any funding.