Question about Shelley Release and priorities

I’m referring to the latest video from IOHK on the roadmap update. He made it clear that wallet functionality is now beilg prioritized based on what the community wants. He highlighted features such as Ledger integration, paperwallet and multisig.

Don’t get me wrong, very excited for Ledger, but right now Oroboros and staking should be priority number 1. I feel I speak for the community on this one. This was talked about to be ready in March or April, but after this update it looked like it it had been pushed back by alot.

Can someone please shed some light on this? I hope staking and Oroboros is being prioritized, and that this is coming in Q2.

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Believe it is still on for Q2. I agree with you re: priorities. But if you go over to Reddit, half of it is people moaning because there is no Linux Wallet… so, I guess there is a lot of demand for that too.

They’re both priorities, but I think they want the wallet to be bulletproof before they start staking. Remember that Shelley will allow for cold staking via Daedalus. This is very important to many people. For this to happen, we need Ledger support and Paper wallet support. If the wallet doesn’t work well, then staking won’t work well.

Gotta walk before you can run.

Also, remember that “Q2 2018” includes up to June in terms of time frame.

Just my two lovelaces.


The both are high priorities but wallet is number 1 always, no wallet, no nothing. This must be stable, working and secure - we cant have people complaining about the wallet not working, this is the first key to adoption, and we dont want to take in a huge amount of users without this.


I wholeheartedly agree.

ledger first, then cold staking.

I just got my ledger nano s delivered today… (back ordered it from the factory a month and a half ago)…I am very excited with the news of ledger support for Cardano…I like the Daedalus wallet, but prefer to hold the keys myself…

With the wallet you do hold the keys yourself? I guess you mean not on your PC… The hardware wallet is just another wallet… But cool, have to look into it myself… What is the exact benefit of the hardware wallet like vs a paper wallet? Guess I need to check some vids…

A hardware wallet is far more convenient in terms of use than a paper wallet. To use ledger all u have to do is plug it into your computer.

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