Question about who get's picked to issue the next blockchain

Hello, i’ve been reading/watching a lot of article/video about Cardano and one thing that bugged me in all those is the way Cardona picks the winner… If i recall, it was mentioned that it will select a winner depending on how much ADA they have, am i wrong ?

Isn’t this a way for the rich to get richer?..

Can someone explain to me a bit more how it’s going to pick the winner ?


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After a few more read i think i understand tho… For the non-whale (big holder), we will have to pool our stack of ADA in order to compete with them to get a chance at issuing a block… I still think that they should divide it in a few categories… like this :

  • Transaction below 100$ : pick someone at random with less than 100ADA in his account
  • Transaction below 1000$ : …

You get what i mean… this way, i think more people would get a chance …any thoughts ?

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