Questions on Staking

Over the past few weeks, we have been collecting questions about staking from the community through the Staking Work Group Telegram.

These questions are shared with the IOHK Development team who have been working on the answers. Completed questions are posted here for everyone’s viewing: As this page will be regularly updated with new questions and answers, please do check back regularly.

And if you have your own questions on staking, please join the TG group linked above. Instructions on how to ask questions will be displayed in the pinned post/welcome message in the telegram group.


NEW POLL: Staking question

These are not real alternatives, most people delegating to pools will do so via a wallet, staking as an individual might be doable using Daedalus but definitely not using Yoroi.

(It used to be said Daedalus would support individual staking but that seems to have changed now.)

Euh? I guess I can remember Sebastien (in a podcast) talking about staking from Yoroi. I should misunderstood. Anyway, those polls never expire. Maybe one day we could from Yoroi… Or I can remove the Yoroi option from the poll as quick as a fart on a plastic chair. :wink:

We will be able to delegate to a pool from both Daedalus and Yoroi, we definitely cannot directly stake as individuals from Yoroi (requires full node) and I’m fairly sure that’s not going to be an option in Daedalus either (even though it is a full node).


So is staking running on testnet now or no?

No testnet right now.


One of the more popular questions EMURGO has received lately: “Will I be able to stake from Yoroi?” Answer: Yes. Also, the Yoroi team is developing # Yoroi so that users will be able to stake on all platforms. However, the staking interface will likely be better on desktop. RT

Nostra: 1 - RobJF: 0

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They probably mean delegate

What’s the difference between delegating to a pool and staking yourself without creating a staking pool?
I mean technicals, do you need special equipment to make yourself competitive?..more I think about it, less of an option it seems

Wow … Now I am totally confused.
They name: stake(ing) many times in their tweet.
The best setup would be to have a dedicated server in a datacenter because the “uptime” will be the most important.

Hope IOHK will provide “turn key” servers for sale/rent.

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I said very clearly more than once that Yoroi will support delegation staking. Not my fault if you don’t understand the difference between direct staking and delegation. Point scoring from a position of such ignorance just makes you look (more) stupid. Of course I know you’re not really stupid, you just play that part quite convincingly… :rofl:

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They definitely mean delegate. Without a full node direct staking is impossible.

Seems fairly clear to me individual direct staking will not be a sensible option for any but the biggest whales.


I haven’t even considered the whales :whale:, it wouldn’t be sensible at all

I really appreciate your tone. I can clearly see now that you are the one that try to push me to more rude behavior. FYI I will not escalate your insults.


So!!! Blame EMURGO instead. Not me!!!

If they have a wrong way to communicate this is not my responsibility.
From now on, I will no longer read/reply your numerous attacks.
Your behavior is disgusting once again.

Delegating is staking, indirectly.

So, I am indirectly stupid, right?
Such a coward answer!!!
Enjoy my next video!

Let’s hash it out privately via DM’s, in order not to corrupt the original thread :thread: @anon50520593 @RobJF.

I get draged into these kind of arguments from time to time as well

Im glad for moderator on this forum , that step in from time to time to diffuse the situation.


I am done with it. Insults fall like rain here. I did not start that.
I have nothing to add to those who try to get me banned for insulting.

Appreciate you much Sean but the correct post would have been: RobJF could you please stop insulting members for no reason.

That would be an answer that I hope to see one day.

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I apologize, I did not mean to upset you to that extent.

But it remains the case that point scoring is a dangerous activity if you’re not very familiar with the subject matter.

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