Re-test the low


I on the other hand want the people on this forum to be successful and not just myself.U will see us at 2 cents, well hopefully we will see you in a few years at 500k plus as the train goes by and your empty shorts flap in the wind.


Hopefully as I will also be heavily investing in crypto when I believe the bottom to be in. However for now I am playing the swings and doing well, this bear market and level of volatility has been the very profitable so far. If you dont like that people earn money while you watch your own portfolio value drop, and don’t appreciate trading the market up and down, then why comment in the trading section?


@EFrench93 question; are you speculating purely on bitcoin/altcoin relashionship? In other words if bitcoin crashes below 3k so will :cardano: and that’s the whole logic? Do you have a timeframe for this? It’s difficult for me to imagine :cardano: crashing to 2cents just before Shelly hits. C.H. Is adamant that Shelly will hit at the end of Q1, there’s about two and a half months left. If :cardano: crashes to two cents it must crash within that timeframe, and even if :cardano: does get down there somehow I don’t see it staying there for too long, not with Shelly fully implemented. “When Shelly” I can see coinbase listing as a possibility, and overall the deeper we go into 2019 the better things will get, bakkt, etf, who knows what can get approved out of nowhere. So will bitcoin crash before the end of Q1 in your opinion?


To be honest yes im only going to be investing in alts when I believe BTC to be at a level that I am happy buying at ! I dont think BTC will have truly capitulated untill later this year.

If BTC is performing well when Shelley is released then ADA is sure to see a good run, however for me this will just be another shorting opportunity as ultimately BTC will pull it down. At the end of the day there is hardly any real adoption for crypto and I cant see there being any for some time. Bakkt is definately positive for the space but it wont spark a recovery and the effects are likely to be more long term. We are in a market cycle and the effects of such things will be seen when we are back in an uptrend.

I am currently in shorts avering at 3960 and am just looking to add to them at this point. If BTC does go on more of a run I will just layer more in. Longs are way to high and at some point I think the rug is going to be pulled. Lots of resistance in 3800-3850 area. If that is broken and BTC looks more bullish I will considering exiting in a profit.
I will be looking to hedge a long from the 3k region though whilst continuing to move my short stops down in profit. I dont think it will be broken that easily and can see us testing back up into 4k.

I think BTC will see the mid 2k’s and possibly wick down to upper 1k, at which point I think ADA will be below 3 cents. I am not going to try and catch the bottom though as I doubt ill be able to. I am happy buying at good levels and holding.


Nice timing.
I have 5 shorts on bitmex, 2 shorts on bitfinex and 1 long on btc on mex for hedging. Planning to long btc around 3250. But we will probably eventually see a new low.


Nice long ! Definately looking like we can see some relief here. Longs have pulled back abit.

Jumped into an ETH short at 124. Looks like there could be a larger head and shoulders developing ! All depending on BTC of course but there is so much potential in an ETH short.
When a date is set for the hardfork I will definately be looking to short higher if possible and leave it running. Can see eth going sub 80 easily!

For a BTC target I am looking to take profits at 3400/3360 and long the 200MA roughly at 3283.
I think if we lose this new lows or a double bottom will be seen


Silently waiting for BTC to get into the 2k ranges. Then I buy.


So exactly right. The real lows haven’t been tested yet. It’s still the same money in the market which means just traders. No new money yet.