Real life applications

I am not exactly a beginner but my question is one a beginner might ask. For any cryptocurrency to thrive and not go to the wall, as many will, it needs to have real life application. I wonder if we could sum up - make a list of - the real life applications of Cardano.


Imagination is the limit! Technological advancements are already at an exponential rate, now they are going to be that times a hundred whilst on speed! I doubt we’ll recognize the world we live in, in just 20 years.


Does Cardano have a specific business plan? Or are they hoping someone will just use their tech?

The complexity of the partnerships is telling of a “plan forward”, each partner has there own goals that are very specific to their position and involvement to develop Cardano, I can’t answer to their “business plan” but I can see that the partners are working toward their goals.
YES! People will just use their tech… Ouroboros is a real reason that people will use the tech, the scalability of the network is another reason people will use it, can’t have your coin getting slowed down by a couple kitties, blockchain integrity through the peer review process is a good reason real life applications will be built on Cardano, people will develop on Cardano for their own reason’s, there are too many possible reason’s why someone would choose Cardano for me to list, people are waiting for the smart contracts - you can bet on it.

Emurgo handles the business side of things.

There are arrangements already in place with Sirin, the smartphone and pc maker, and Traxia, who will provide blockchain-based solutions for certain kinds of business finance issues. We can be reasonably confident there is much else in the pipeline.