Rebuilding a node's identity?


So I’m all happy n stuff that I got a cardano-node nix built, it’s been running all day… and a question popped up. Assume a lightning strikes and fries all the VPS equipment that its hosted on, what should I have done ahead of time (e.g. what to back up?) to preserve my node’s identity as well as rebuild it in case of catastrophic failure, or if I need to migrate to a different VPS, because my current one went belly up?

Another, probably premature question - how do I associate my Adas that I’ve purchased with my node that I’m running? Is this doable now or do we need to wait for the bootstrap or the rewards era before this should be performed? I’d appreciate a response on this from anyone who has looked into the matter.

Thank you!



Morning @MartinMKD Martin!

This is a little too technical for me… perhaps one for @io_jeremy ?


No problem. One more question if Jeremy decides to pop up here - when I run:

nix-build -A cardano-sl-static --cores 0 --max-jobs 2 --no-build-output --out-link master

it builds the cardano-node as expected in master/bin. When I ask it to build another attribute, e.g. cardano-sl-wallet, it does that too, however it removes the previously generated executables for the other attributes. Is this on purpose or is it just a matter of using the correct switch to nix-build to tell it to build multiple attributes instead of just one?


@ixmatus will probably be able to help you on that one