Recap: Cardano Blockchain Vietnam Meetup (07.25.2018)

The inaugural Cardano Blockchain Vietnam meetup was held on July 25 in Ho Chi Minh City, a vibrant hub of innovation in South East Asia. It was the very first technology event in town that located at a movie theatre! The unique venue gathered over 150 crypto-enthusiasts, amazing speakers and overwhelming networking activities. The success of this event was brought by, an all-female venture, who raised the idea, handled all logistics, and also provided local speakers.

Lynn Hoang, co-founder of BlockchainAngels, kicked off the meetup with a quick introduction to Cardano Foundation and the Foundation’s roles.

Vy Hua took the podium next. She is another co-founder of BlockchainAngels, former Technical Director of Emurgo Vietnam. Her presentation was on Cardano Project design principles and why it mattered to follow peer-to-peer review process, formal development methods, and Settlement / Computation layer separation. She also gave further explanation for major research streams of IOHK, the Cardano roadmap, Daedalus wallet and what to expect from Prometheus.

Following Vy’s talk, the next speaker was Bao Duong, a virtual machine specialist and former R&D Manager of Emurgo Vietnam. He presented on the evolution of smart contracts, from script hash on Bitcoin blockchain, Solidity on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), to the most recent K Framework compatible languages on Cardano KEVM and IELE. His talk was concluded with a nice summary of how Goguen workstreams (e.g., Plutus, Marlowe, IELE, etc) were connected to create a comprehensive smart contract platform on Cardano blockchain.

Last but not least, a keynote speech was presented by our very special guest speaker: Charles Hoskinson! He articulated his vision of the cryptocurrency space, and the excitement to see how Cardano Blockchain community were growing strong in Vietnam. The session was closed with a fruitful Q&A time between Charles and the audience.

Thanks all who attended the meetup! We’re looking for more organizers and speakers for the 2nd Meetup in Vietnam.

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